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I never knew I could hold this much happiness inside – a trip I will forever hold in my heart xo. Thank you so much for making a dream of MINE come true. I’ve been a fan for 20 years most of my life. I never thought this moment would come and that I’d fly from Australia to the UK to see you amazing women.  It was a dream come true seeing you guys in Ireland. My best friend and Adidas King Ghidorah shirt loved you since day one and had always planned on going together if all ever toured. She was killed in a car accident in October so our dream of going together couldn’t happen but my awesome husband Jeff talked me into going for both of us since she couldn’t and we marked it off our bucket list. She was there with me in spirit and would have loved it so much.

Adidas King Ghidorah shirt, ladies shirt, hoodie, sweater

Adidas King Ghidorah hoodie

In loving memory of my best friend Robin Blankenship some of my favorite memories of us included us singing /screaming spice girls songs and dancing. Thank you for those memories! What a thrill, watching this video makes me feel a great emotion between joy, melancholy and so much hope that there can be many other new things in the spice world. What to say to you Adidas King Ghidorah shirt thanks for all the good emotions that you can make all of us fans feel, you spice girls are and will always be legends SPICE GIRLS FOREVER. Even if Avatar 2, 3 etc. etc or any other movie breaks the record of endgame it’s going to create, it will be fine. I want to see Endgame at the top of the world, even if it’s for a second. For Ironman. Vela Guadiana Lampard Avatar only got the record because it was in theatres for a total of like 36 weeks. Used 3D as a selling point.

Adidas King Ghidorah shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

Adidas King Ghidorah unisex shirt

The movie itself was subpar at best. Got tix to take my son. Head out in about an hour. Now if I can keep the waterworks from turning on when Howard Stark mentions how uncomfortably pregnant the Mrs. was. My momma’ was pretty uncomfortably pregnant at that time too. Too bad 4/4/70 was on a Saturday. They could’ set that scene on your IRL 5th birthday. Love Adidas King Ghidorah shirt are so talented I hope that we can go on a journey with you all your fans and soon see CDs out there we can listen to your music I wish you the very best that life has to offer and may your career take you very far but never forget what got you where you’re at God above your parents and your fans much love to the Cajun Bayou boy.


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