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Yes, but, they are also heroes. In this case, you’d use “hero” since 1) you’ve already identified the characters as female by using their names and 2) “heroine” implies they were only more heroic than women. “Hero” means they were more heroic than all characters. and as a woman, the use of the Arya Stark GOT Jordan Air shirt to describe a brave woman is not offending at all, I mean, it does have ‘her’ which implies to feminine gender if that’s what they’re looking for, so for me, a female hero or a heroine is good enough, no need for heroes, sounds like a bad shoe to me Heroine: a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Arya Stark GOT Jordan Air shirt

Arya Stark GOT Jordan Air shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Arya Stark GOT Jordan Air ladies tee

Ladies tee

Arya Stark GOT Jordan Air tank top

Tank top

Why not use a real word for once? wtf is with these writers I remember men dying to protect others. Jorah. Theon. Beric. Edd. (Nameless others). ‘No greater love than when a one lays down their life for a friend”. Those men were awesome and they were HEROS At least Brienne or Ser Brienne actually fought them. Arya spent most of her time running from them like a scared little child, only to leap out of the Arya Stark GOT Jordan Air shirt likely the Plot Hole to cheap shot the Night King The problem with the comments in the comments.

Arya Stark GOT Jordan Air hoodie


Arya Stark GOT Jordan Air sweater


I think some people think it’s real and it really happened lol lol Lady Mormont was at the Lions in Nottingham last week, that tells me she’s not really dead and this was just a story When you start talking about the Arya Stark GOT Jordan Air shirt it were actually important, I immediately get a twitch of irritation. I’m not alone. This last few year has seen an epidemic of amnesia. “Sheroes” have been in existence since the beginning of time. Yes, even in movies and shows.


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