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I had so many problems with it. Their highly organized defense was set up wrong in every way possible. They should have known not to hire people in the crypt. More major characters should have bit it, especially the Arya Stark GOT Not Today shirt lot in the crypt. Jon didn’t get set on fire, proving his lineage. she’s disappointed specifically because she loves the show and the producers botched the most highly anticipated episode of the series. Badly. Gregg being sent to the crypts was meant to show Jon’s poor preparations against the night King where the show failed was by not bringing.

Arya Stark GOT Not Today shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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Catlyen Stark back from the dead, ok I get it that Nedd and Rob could not be brought back because they were beheaded then they either should have beheaded Catelyn Stark or bring her and lady back he stopped being involved after season 4. He doesn’t read any scripts or even watches the Arya Stark GOT Not Today shirt some major plot points and maybe an idea of the ending but D&D have 100 percent control and can do as they like. As far as the issues with how NK went down? What would you have rather had? A sword fight? With an enemy with supernatural strength and speed? Any baseline human fighting NK loses, easily.

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A sneak attack is the only way to defeat an enemy like that. If you all weren’t so short sighted, you’d see that. Jon distracted the dragon with that shout so Arya could sneak by I get it, you wanna be edgy and shit on the Arya Stark GOT Not Today shirt do you. But some of the things you’re bitching about have plausible explanations if you remove your read from your ass long enough to realize that Will Montgomery A sneak attack is fine as long as it makes some sort of sense how she was able to teleport/fly to behind the NK undetected with his entire army nearby.


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