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While we won’t find out what happens until after Infinity War part II. I think the end will not be the time stone having the biggest impact. But I think the reality stone will be used in the end. Not just to defeat Thanos. But to reboot certain characters. Some people will not survive these movies. And the Arya Stark GOTA Iron Throne shirt play all of these characters will not be returning to the roles. (Most likely ones will be Captain America, Iron Man, Thor. Obvious survivors will be the guardians of the galaxy. They have one more standalone movie together. After that movie is released, Marvel is going to move to another team. Dr. Strange will have at least one more standalone movie, so I don’t think he will die.

Arya Stark GOTA Iron Throne shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Arya Stark GOTA Iron Throne ladies tee

Ladies tee

Arya Stark GOTA Iron Throne tank top

Tank top

And I don’t think Spiderman will die (unless they are already planning on replacing him I’m betting the last scene is cap dying at the hands of Thanos inspiring the Arya Stark GOTA Iron Throne shirt to regroup for the second movie I like to remind everyone it is a movie of fictional characters. in the meantime, your lives are being poisoned. and this is what you choose to occupy your minds time with.

Arya Stark GOTA Iron Throne hoodie


Arya Stark GOTA Iron Throne sweater


Martin that’s not entirely true, many of us care we just posses the ability to care about more than one thing at a time. Thanos might kill everyone before he gets the Arya Stark GOTA Iron Throne shirt from strange. Strange reverses time after they learn of his weakness because we all know villains tell all before the “think” they’ve won. Everyone comes back certain sacrifices are made (iron man, captain America) Bucky becomes the real winter soldier and Rhodes becomes a new iron man.


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