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This is what Sophie and Kit are talking about, it’s unfair to say that only 7 or 6 seasons were great, the acting, cinematography, special effects, set direction, etc. were all absolutely top notch in all seasons, those people all worked so hard and it shows. It’s sad that the last season/s were ruined by the Arya Stark Pas Aujourd’hui T-shirt writing in history! There should be a campaign to pay the woman who played Septa Unella I just pray to the Lord of Light R.R Martin gave tweedle Dee and tweedle dum a red herring with this ending and Jon Snow plays a more significant part in the final books.

Arya Stark Pas Aujourd’hui T-shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Arya Stark Pas Aujourd’hui ladies tee

Tank top

Thank you for 8 great seasons for giving us an amazing world, great characters, sensational music and making us believe that dragons do exist somewhere, thanks Mike Alexander he didn’t want Winterfell.. he never said he didn’t want to rule he knew Winterfell wouldn’t be his because he was taking the Arya Stark Pas Aujourd’hui T-shirt Just because people disagree doesn’t make them any less of a fan …it makes them even more so of a fan due to the passion they espouse over something they clearly are emotionally invested in


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