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Avengers: Endgame is an excellent movie. Chris Hemsworth will always be my actor favorite to Thor, he acted excellently as Thor. I will miss Thor and the others, Avengers, too. I will always remember them, never I will forget them, I love them and I am very proud of them. Wasn’t that great tbh. The Avengers Endgame Thor Fat shirt just a little dry. I felt like they tried to make up for it with lots of action but….not for me. There is way too much hype around Marvel. 22 movies leading into a decade long story conclusion, something never before attempted and never thought to be a successful approach.

Avengers Endgame Thor Fat shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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Based on the accomplishments of the studios alone this movie was impressive. The fact that the overall story was at least decent is just a plus. Michael Richmond I felt the same way. If anything, it needed more action. That’s why I think I liked Infinity War more. There was action sprinkled throughout the Avengers Endgame Thor Fat shirt film rather than just at the end. Taylor Leigh, I thought it was super boring. Especially following the infinity war. A lot of the jokes were super cliche too and the captain America ending pissed me off Infinity war was a much better movie. I’m sure endgame does have a big opening, it has 22 movies worth of hype.

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But on its own, it was a letdown. Having seen em all, it was not all that. I wish someone would have spoiled it for me, I could save some money Axel Barrientos very proud of the new body of Thor and that was a nobody in battle. The farewell to the Avengers Endgame Thor Fat shirt thunder was disgusting. Barrientos very proud of the new body of Thor and that was a nobody in battle. The farewell to the god of thunder was disgusting.



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