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It’ll stop, trust me. I’ve long maintained that sometime in the 80’s they took out the common sense gene and inserted a technology one. It’s why toddlers can operate smart phones and why vacuum cleaners are now being abused. I was a teacher from 1963 to 2000. They saw humanity go downhill in more ways than one. He is thinking/wishing the same thing. I am too often blown away by the levels of ignorance in people today. Of all ages and origins. She swears stupidity didn’t used to be in such a high percentage of people. Overstreet Camping and hiking pop it like its hot shirt know what’s funny is the people who weep for the future generations and ridicule this generation are the ones who raised them. So it is really good. I the ones who let it get to this point.

Camping and hiking pop it like its hot shirt, ladies shirt, hoodie, sweater

Ladies shirt

I think a wet/dry vat would be best. He means, you will be vacuuming out blood, regular vans can’t handle that.  I have a pet hair vacuum cleaner and works great for carpet, not sure about period blood since I’m not crazy. Works pretty good but I’ve heard shop vat is good for wet/dry.  Whe knew that. But Camping and hiking pop it like its hot shirt was hoping to see a bit of moderation there. It was too funny. I clicked back at the article 3 times after screen shot it, I don’t see it anymore. They think they sucked their brains out first then got the brilliant idea of trying to become blood suckers. I mean, he does this nonsense. Good lord people. They either did not go to sex end class especially the female body’s anatomy and physiology part.

Camping and hiking pop it like its hot shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

Unisex shirt

Or the teacher slipped over a lot of it which has been known to happen. I taught A and P to adults in Healthcare Vocational College for 9 yrs. You would not believe some of the things I asked and how much was unknown about their own bodies. I work Err registration and Camping and hiking pop it like its hot shirt whisper wtf every five seconds to myself or out loud. The look on the doctors and nurses faces sometimes are priceless. They just see stupidity in every generation the internet just makes. It is more public and just mentions the bad not the good. I just hate stereotyping and generalizing. Everyone in the older generations including mine have wisdom and common sense.


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