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Why didn’t Euron continue his ambush? a couple of scenes later day is in Dragonstone, even though Euron and his fleet were right in front of Dragonstone before the attack so why didn’t he killed her and what’s left of her 10 unsullied I knew one of the Captain America Avengers Assemble shirt said it before I saw this episode. So when I saw it, I wasn’t surprised. Also, I liked the episode but I still can’t believe Cersei is the bigger threat than the NK, that still boggles my mind. agree, found out today all the people who work on the show wrote the scripts themselves how is the show going to spend seasons hyping up the night king and then pull the horrible episode they did last week.

Captain America Avengers Assemble shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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Couldn’t even see a damn thing. It’s nothing but shitty fan fiction this last season. I personally like this episode a lot and disagree with some of the criticisms in this article. I agree tho that killing Missandei is NAGL. I also agree that all the Captain America Avengers Assemble shirt development for Jaime over the years has now completely gone back to trash. I don’t see Dany and Brienne as being “reduced” to begging some man for some things I just see this as a layer about these characters that we haven’t seen before. like we literally have never seen these ladies beg anyone for anything.

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In Dany’s case, it’s actually needed b/c we need to see her being desperate to cling onto her power which IMO is a build-up to her eventual collapse to the Captain America Avengers Assemble shirt fulfilling his ultimate character development. He said he is horrible because he is going back to kill her and thereby kill their unborn child. He is feeling guilt from everything he has done and will do and knows he is the only one she will let close enough so he can kill her and end it.


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