Dababy Sir your belt I’m da truth shirt

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Who this dude is, but he did not retaliate bcuz he did not wanna fuck up his gig. Now if this was in the streets, I guarantee it would be a different story. People still believing that other shit wasn’t staged? Manipulate social media and subsequently stupid people to your advantage. I would say the Dababy Sir your belt I’m da truth shirt formula. No research to the set of circumstances. People just accept the end product. It was a female that grabbed his ass. If u don’t know by now, if it was a dude that did, he woulda got his ass whooped like everyone else that fucked w mah man Rappers dis days have no respect that’s why all these kids are the way they are today Ashley Law nah dead ass, that was not the first thing that came to my head.

Dababy Sir your belt I’m da truth shirt

Dababy Sir your belt I’m da truth shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Tank top

Ladies tee


Shit didn’t even cross my mind. Like this mad weird to think like that all some soft ass folks on this thread. Thes jokes not dicks don’t take it so hard Jeffrey Antonio Monroe Jr. Alex Loughrey Shaq Loco Matthews Rashy Nichols Saul Leiva Thatruth Turner To hell it doesn’t. Nothing original about the Dababy Sir your belt I’m da truth shirt saying that it’s bad at all. But not much different Bolregard White the flow is VERY original and I listen to almost every rapper idk wtf ur listening too but he doesn’t sound like NOBODY his Shit sound like everything else today. Oh and the content of it, same as everything else today. Not special. I’m prepared to argue and ain’t nobody gone whoop my ass.



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