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The only things that didn’t make sense to me were Jon not saying goodbye to Ghost, many being in the air on a dragon and somehow not seeing an entire fleet waiting to mark her dragons, and also it made no sense that days tiny army was literally right in front of Cersei and she did nothing. The Game Of Thrones King’s Landing shirt have killed them then and there and it would’ve been over. amice Welbon exactly! Like the last dragon wasn’t even present so boom fire some arrows, send out a tiny portion of her vast army or throw some wildfire on them I mean there were only like 100 unsullied tops so why did Cersei just chill But still Cersai had several the dragon killing arrows and the dragon didn’t have Danny riding it.

Game Of Thrones King’s Landing shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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If I were Cersai I would have risked it to put an end to the top war strategizers and further gave myself an advantage. She would draw the dragon out and killed the Game Of Thrones King’s Landing shirt remaining dragon as well. Jorge Ovalle my point is it made no sense to have that scene. It was risky on Danys part to show up with so little forces and it was out of character on Cersei’s part to not take them out when they had the chance. It made no sense. The nun lady, she left with the mountain. The lady who killed her daughter, she left her to watch her daughter die. Brad Hartford well obviously we do watch the show because here we are talking about the fuckin show.

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Regardless of the manner of killing, the point is that when Cersei had that chance it made no sense not to take it. The whole buildup for Cersei at this point was to keep letting her enemies get cut off little by little so she can deal with the Game Of Thrones King’s Landing shirt she wanted to torture them she had a 100% clear chance just then to capture them all and she didn’t. Why would Cersei willingly wait for more allies to show up?


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