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Don’t actually care what anyone has to say about this episode. For me, it was out of this world. I was excited from start to finish. I couldn’t actually sit on my seat. The House Stark GOT Iron Is Coming shirt show of all time. There will never be another programme like it. Bring on Cersei! Rip her out root and stem! n my opinion it was the most gorgeous GOT episode in terms of pure cinematography: amazingly well shot, edited, sound design on point, etc, the tension in the first 30 minutes is almost unbearable.

House Stark GOT Iron Is Coming shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater


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But Scenaristically, I found it pretty weak and disappointing especially after setting all the drama and emotion in the second episode. This was presented as the ultimate threat from episode 1. Although in consideration I’m happy they’re focusing the House Stark GOT Iron Is Coming shirt on such a rich and complex character as Cersei, this all felt really rushed You’re one of those people who like things so much and are so blindly loyal that absolutely no wrong can be done. They could have made the last episode a cartoon and explained that Bran was actually a robot and you’d be here like “omg best show ever Pretty much fan service as this point and everything is becoming rushed as HBO want this whole show to end because of GRRM not finishing his books and not having any material to go off by. There are so many characters and plots in the books that are completely wrong on the show.

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I’m hoping the last 3 episodes will not disappoint Lawlor not to mention we saw her running in action, and almost got mobbed by the walkers, I mean if she was that fast, she could easily outrun them, but no she was hurt and you could see her running slow, not to mention she had a lot of room to hide in that room..but the House Stark GOT Iron Is Coming shirt generals were in the open area there is no way you could sneak and run that fast without them noticing you because NK’s back was open for his generals to see.


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