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Nobody had any idea what they were up against. Sure sending Dothraki early wasn’t a success. But they didn’t even know when they were reaching them. Nobody had night vision to know what was coming. Sure the I’m a Gotaholic Game Of Thrones shirt proven to be not perfect. But they sent they’re a team out to take it to them. Against humans, it would have been smart. Nobody had a clue what to expect. It had never been seen. Ever. This battle plan was Total War AI on easy Light can unsupported into a mass of enemies? Didn’t use any skimmers/artillery for full effect? One row of defensive barriers?

I’m a Gotaholic Game Of Thrones shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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Easily could’ve have made it overlapping trenches which would create natural choke points and make it easier for Dragons to have strafing runs into friendly free areas. Having your heavy infantry in front of your defensive barrier not thinking of the possibility of them being pinned in…I understand why Aegon was able to conquer most of the I’m a Gotaholic Game Of Thrones shirt Alright you have an army of the undead that can grow constantly staring you in the face and you make a better decision. They worked with what they had with the time they were given.

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It’s not like they had a year to anticipate them getting there Alexandre Côté-Trotter To be fair I never heard Jorah tell the Dothraki to go charge them. And most importantly Dany didn’t keep her emotions in check and didn’t stick with the I’m a Gotaholic Game Of Thrones shirt think it was supposed to be a fair fight, though. Yes, sending your cavalry straight down the middle right off the bat is a terrible idea. The trenches are about a few hundred yards too close, and the catapults weren’t used nearly as often as they might have.



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