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People, who say this was the best episode Did you really watch all the seasons or you are just here for the hype? Because all the true fans know, this writing, ruined the Nasa Arya Stark Game Of Thrones shirt just hype the white walkers from DAY 1 and after 10 years, Arya stabs him and that’s it, everybody it is not fair. It is like a big marketing technique. And don’t ever dare you to say Cercei is the real boss because it is not.

Nasa Arya Stark Game Of Thrones shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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This part of the show was evolving from day 1, and everybody sees that this will be the final battle, the alive vs the dead, no more houses no more seven kingdoms, this is the ending. this was clearly a sign that the writers cannot compete with the Nasa Arya Stark Game Of Thrones shirt just my opinion, I love this show but I’m deeply disappointed with the last season and I think that from here it will be very hard to see a good ending. It is so the opposite what game of thrones showed us All the newcomer fans of the show are liking the episode coz either they haven’t watched any previous seasons & episodes or they the just watched in hurry to catch up with the new season.

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FFS It was not about how beautiful the episode was or who killed the NK. It was about how poorly they wrapped up The Main Threat’s End in one episode in just one move. The very 1st scene of the Nasa Arya Stark Game Of Thrones shirt ancient walkers story and since then 8 years of building up fear and hype, freaken700ft tall 600miles long wall to stop them, centuries of Night’s Watch brothers service and many more It all went shit just to please some fairy tale lovers and feminists. I feel like a victim coz I can’t bear the fact that the show’s story got derailed from what it had used to be and also as a fan I can’t ignore the remaining 3 episodes.


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