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I liked what they did with him in the beginning. The heavy guilt and PTSD made for a very compelling story arc. However, what I don’t like is that there is an Official Fat Thor Bring Me Thanos shirt part when he has closure with his mother and accepts what he must do and finds he is still worthy of Mjolnir. At that moment he should have returned to his more powerful self (doesn’t mean he has to be fit again) because this Thor clearly feels de-powered from both Ragnorak and Infinity War.

Official Fat Thor Bring Me Thanos shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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Now I think this was done due to some politics to make Captain Marvel look more powerful (the pretty much have said that Capt Marvel is the strongest in the MCU and are pushing for her to be the new face). I have no problem with them making her the Official Fat Thor Bring Me Thanos shirt powerful but don’t weaken Thor. He had massive power upgrades recently (the full force of a star and pushed back the power of a completed infinity gauntlet) only to be easily dispatched by old Thanos. It made no sense.

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Again I like the story element but they missed the clear landing with his arc. But that is pretty much my only gripe with the film overall I love the film. I respect how Marvel shows heroes dealing with PTSD in different ways. Tony having panic attacks in Iron Man 3, Thor gaining weight in Endgame, Hawkeye going off the Official Fat Thor Bring Me Thanos shirt Seeing Thor have some closure with someone who was close to him was so great and therapeutic for him I really loved that while everyone seems to pick things to avoid the problem, like drinking, vigilantism, and going like nothing happened, Cap uses group therapy It shows that not only can we have these all-powerful superheroes who are physically fit and attractive, but we ourselves can be superheroes. Everyday people, regardless of size and appearance, can be heroes.


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