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Euron landed three perfect shots in rhaegal yet Daenerys destroyed his whole fleet with tons of scorpions in a few swoops?? Daenerys breaker of chains who locked her dragons up for injuring a child and she is utterly horrified yet makes the Official Trash Can Critters shirt to slaughter thousands of innocent women and child on a whim when she could literally just fly to the tower??? Should I go on or are you getting it yet? If I wanted annoying cynical shitty realism, I’d walk around a mall on a Saturday afternoon.

Official Trash Can Critters shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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Season 8 is thoroughly terrible for the most part, but hey, GRRM and D&D are laughing all the way to the bank. Salamone oh if only it were that simple. I love how they use “people” loosely in the dumb meme to try and lighten the fact that they are horrible people. With this logic, Ned must have been going down the Official Trash Can Critters shirt of madness when he murdered a boy. Oh, wait I mean execution. One cannot watch Game Of Thrones and expect a happy ending or characteristically narrative nobility in the characters.

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All of the characters are flawed, and there isn’t a single ruler who hasn’t done extremely boneheaded and rash things. It’s nice to think of Dany as a heroic figure, but she never was. She had a soft spot for slaves, probably largely because how her brother gave her away and treated her like slave property. That’s about it. Beyond that, Dany is as power hungry and self-centered as any of the Official Trash Can Critters shirt claimants to the throne. Personally, I would have preferred her to accept the city’s surrender, execute Cersei, and that is that. What she did was shocking, but it is not as out there as those who really like her want to think.


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