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People who say Batman is more powerful than Ironman should see that he’s able to use infinity stones .. and I don’t think I Batman is worthy or much powerful mentally to hold on 6 stones well you’re like the Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart shirt not to see a movie if you ain’t gonna plan on watching it in theaters which is a loss by the way then at least watch a bootleg or don’t use social media It has been there from the beginning but they’re hiding themselves. Prof X could be introduced as Bruce Banner’s friend or maybe.

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Tony’s old friend since his days at MIT, and Stark Industries doing a scholarship program for Xavier’s School When Hulk brought back all those who were snapped, what if the reversal was with a side effect? What if a number of ‘ordinary humans’ had a genetic alteration during the process of dusting away and coming back It’s more likely that when people were dusted their particles went to the Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart shirt got supercharged (like the dog wasp) and when end game happens some people kept that power. for a better story, mutants were already there from the beginning. just professor Xavier used his mind power to hide their existence from normal humans in order to avoid conflicts. this will be a good storyline and give proper reason to magneto to rebel.

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It was explained in the movie that what you do with the gauntlet is very “thought specific”…I doubt Stark was thinking, “I want to will into existence, a guy that can shoot an optic blast from his eyes, a man that can manipulate any form of Disney Pixar Incredibles Metroville 2004, and a guy that has a healing factor and claws the Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart shirt anything to do with the mutants being tied to Endgame, is if they already existed, but remained in secret, and only come out of hiding after and being brought back from the snap. Fury vaguely stated before back during Iron Man 2, that there were others out there, and during the first Avengers, that they monitored threats and non-threats alike. So my guess is that mutants were already in existence.


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