Thrones Tony Stark Marvel Endgame t-shirt

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I appreciate Arya and I love her, but Danerys is what this show needs. Don’t get me wrong, Danerys and Arya are my all time favourite but each one had there moment of brightness. No dragons, no dothraki, no unsullied and now Arya and everyone else would be part of the Nigh King’s army. It’s unfair. And I love Arya. But I think Thrones Tony Stark Marvel Endgame t-shirt has a role, and Dany’s is important as well. Yonit Ben Nissim Makmal yeah they all would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for the unsullied buying them time. The dragons slowing down the dead before the extreme cold kicked in, and for Drogon.

Thrones Tony Stark Marvel Endgame t-shirt, ladies t-shirt, hoodie, sweater

Thrones Tony Stark Marvel Endgame t-shirt

Ladies t-shirt

Thrones Tony Stark Marvel Endgame t-shirt

Unisex t-shirt

The night king off of viscerion so all that gave Ayra the chance to do what she did and never mind the unsullied getting torn to shreds just so that everyone can get behind the walls , never mind Sandor Clegan the hound and beric saving Araya when she was about to get her face eaten. Nobody really understands the message from this battle. It was not brilliant from the strategy point of view, but the compensation came from the bravery of everyone who participated in it. When are we going to learn that one hero saving the day is an overrated fantasy?

It is team working and the union of skills the real way to get things done. Yonit Ben Nissim Makmal Arya is my favorite character but come on! Without dany, her dragons, and her armies. The northern army would have looked just like the Dothraki army, all dead in 1 minute. Game over, night king wins.Thrones Tony Stark Marvel Endgame t-shirt have said it better. One thing o appreciated after watching was why people like Melisandre were kept alive, everyone had a role to play. Yonit Ben Nissim Makmal team Ayra. Yonit Ben Nissim Makmal you have a point but she provided a very large army and 2 dragons. We can’t overlook that.

Thrones Tony Stark Marvel Endgame t-shirt, guys t-shirt, longsleeve

Thrones Tony Stark Marvel Endgame t-shirt

Guys t-shirt

Her Dothraki were decimated just as much as the Unsullied and on top of that she lost a dragon while rescuing John in the most suicidal expedition ever. Of course Arya is the hero of the long night since she killed the Night King but without Daenerys the North was doomed. Yonit Ben Nissim Makmal Dany sacrificed her army. Sacrificed his Thrones Tony Stark Marvel Endgame t-shirt almost lost all of them. Went out on the battlefield herself to defeat the dead. She did a lot! Yonit Ben Nissim Makmal Soldiers or warriors and a hell of a lot of common folks fight and sometimes even win wars. But their leaders and monarchs never gave up their power or thrones for them. Feudal societies did not function like that.


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