A just lately unearthed patent filing signifies the electrical Dodge muscle auto due in 2024 could have a Formula A single-layout and type pushrod suspension.

Original spotted by Muscle Vehicles &amp Trucks, paperwork filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Workplace (USPTO) describe a pushrod suspension for electrical autos producing use of horizontal dampers with each and every transverse leaf springs or standard coil springs. The pushrods are linked to a wheel at a single finish and a rocker at the other. The rocker, in flip, is linked to the damper.

Moving the dampers from a vertical to a horizontal spot saves room, which is a single of the facets why pushrod suspension is utilised in F1 (and other racing series). In an EV, this would also enable dampers to be mounted in extra of or beneath an electrical motor for substantially a good deal far more productive packaging, the paperwork stated. The paperwork also declare this setup would lessen suspension stresses thanks to optimized force transfer.

Stellantis EV pushrod suspension patent image

Stellantis EV pushrod suspension patent picture


These paperwork have been at initial filed in 2019 by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), just ahead of the enterprise merged with France’s PSA Group to flip out to be Stellantis. At the time, engineers proposed producing use of pushrod suspension in Chrysler, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati all round general functionality EVs, in accordance to the paperwork.

The paperwork also state that “the capability to organize each and every single steering axis along a plan passing by implies of the wheel center supplies the probability of exploiting the genuinely enormous torque presented by electrical motors,” indicating that engineers had a all round general functionality application in tips.

It is unclear if this suspension layout will operate with Stellantis’ STLA modular EV platforms, but if it does the Dodge electrical muscle auto appears to be like a fairly excellent candidate.

Dodge ideas to display a drivable notion edition of its muscle auto later on on on this yr ahead of the 2024 launch. While it will imply the finish of the Hellcats, the Dodge EV could harness the capabilities of electrical motors for equally insane acceleration. And with pushrod suspension, it could have dealing with to match.